Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'm Back!
Look out for stories of Balqis & Adam.
2008 will be a great year. A year that Balqis, Adam and me will cherish together as they grow bigger and smarter (than me!). I look forward at being outsmarted, out-everything ...
just not out-casted, I hope.
Well, they love their mommy!

See you soon .... stay tuned ...

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Friday, April 21, 2006

A courtesy campaign was launched very recently -- and that made me wonder. Are we so discourteous that we need to have a campaign in our midst or are we just making sure that we continue on being courteous? All in all, in the limited capacity of my memory, I remembered that so far, we've had a 'smile campaign', 'be friendly to your neighbor' campaign and now this 'courtesy campaign'.

I am pondering on this issue of course, with relations to both Balqis and Adam. For the past one month, I have been reading to Adam two books - A Mother for Choco (written by Keiko Kasza, a Paper Star book) and also Don't Talk To Strangers (one of the 'My Very First Winnie the Pooh' series). Adam like most kids, lives in his innocent baby world where everything is rosy and fun - they always seem to think that everything centers or rather revolves around them. The two books are wake up calls for the future Prime Minister - he realizes that he could get lost if he does not listen to Mommy especially at public places and that not everyone is to be trusted. Of course, he took all this as the fun and rosy world he is in, with a dash of sugar and honey.

We live in a gated townhouse in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, where people are with careers, busy - we don't really know some of their names but we stop by to say the occasional hello-hi-how-are-you accompanied by small chats when we chanced upon each other. And of course, everybody knows and recognizes Balqis and Adam. They are popular simply because they greet everybody in their vicinity. But, they are perplexed by one very unfriendly family. Both the elderly husband & wife never ever acknowledged both Balqis' and Adam's hellos and good mornings. How do I explain this to both kids? I almost pity them. Until one day, quite a while back, Balqis, Adam & me were walking towards the car and the man was right ahead of us -- Balqis & Adam sing-song their wishes - good morning uncle… As always, like the rest of his family especially his wife, ignored the kids. They even have a permanent scowl edged on to their faces. Adam was upset. He kept on calling after that man ... 'Uncle, hello .. my name is Adam .. good morning .. ' At this point, my boiling rage reached the limit. I explained to Adam in a very clear, loud, crisp voice for all to hear dedicated to the one man right infront of us - 'Adam, stop it darling. Stop saying hello or good morning to some people who doesn't even deserve it. Some people are not very nice to begin with. We don't want to be friends with these kinds of people'. Ever since that day, both Balqis and Adam stopped ever trying to be friendly with that lot. They accepted that painful fact. But of course, being the happy-go-lucky children that they are, life just go on in their world of rainbows and blue skies.

And what do you know ... one morning, just recently when I was cleaning up the back room, I noticed the wife inching towards my small garden at the back of the house. She looked around, infront, tip-toed towards the garden. She did not see me because the windows were pretty high from the ground. She suddenly stooped over and plucked the curry leaves from one of my pots. Then she retrieved back, still looking around - eyes darting. I would have loved to put a note at the plant so that the next time she sneaked to steal my curry leaves she'll find this note - FREE of charge to all nice and friendly neighbors ONLY.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

I havent been updating this blog. Not because there are no activities at all in the household but too much has been going around.

Adam is finally settled down in school. I caught him not standing in the kids crowd at assembly the other day -- perhaps never on any other day -- he stood behind the teachers, mimicking the NEGARAKU, wriggling and looking around, dashing here and there! I was thinking when I saw him from far ... is that my kid? Sure was ...

He punched a year one kid in the van the other day causing the boy's gum to bleed a little. Everybody was stunned. Here was a little 3 year old boy -- still in diaper, I must add - with milk bottle in his school bag -- punching bigger boys ... I slow talked him into telling me why he did that. He told me ... oh last week, that boy jabbed his finger into my eye and it was so painfull.

Balqis, on the other hand, has been asking for MINES Wonderland. Adam does not know what that is but he agrees totally to the motion causing their daddy to scratch his head, while two pairs of hopefull eyes looked up to him.

It's interesting conversations now with the two kids. Adam's vocabulary is growing tremendously, causing his daddy' eyebrows to move up and down dramatically, astonished as he listened to his 3 year old kid speak. Balqis has decided that she doesnt want to get married. Boyfriends are nuisance. According to her, she'll just want to be with us (mommy and daddy). I told her there will be a time when I will remind her of what she said.

So, kids growing up means that we are now able to eat out, something that we couldnt do before with Adam not being able to stay put in one place, upsetting everybody especially his daddy.

It's the weekend now. Have to start thinking about outing. Busy day today but as it is, thank god it's friday!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Balqis asked for a puppy just recently. And here's our conversation:

Balqis: Mom, can I have a dog?

Me: No you cant Balqis. It's very difficult to take care of one. When it's wet you cant have it in our house because it's dirty, najis. Haram. Coz we're muslims.

Balqis: How about cats? Can it go inside the house?

Me: Cats we can have and can go inside the house.

Balqis: You mean cats are muslims??

Me have no words.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Balqis almost always either had a lot of fun or a moody cranky one at Didance Academy, where she learns Malay classical court dances. Today, there was a photography session arranged by the Principal and owner of Didance Academy, Dida Mallik as part of her preparation for a brilliant new brochure/profile. The school is moving to a bigger and better premise at section 17 Petaling Jaya from its current Lorong Duta 2.

Balqis getting ready for the photography session. Getting her sarong to be done perfectly as it should be, is way beyond Mom's capability -- Su helping out with Balqis' sarong, which needs to be perfect so that she can move like a princess (sit like a princess, walk like a princess and dance like a princess). Oh well ... if you ask her, she'll tell you that she IS a princess.

Balqis, the Princess waiting for her turn to have her hair done up.

The Princess getting her hair done. At this point, the patience was granted to be at it's utmost best.

The Princess waiting at her court for the rest of the other princesses.

More waiting.

A picture paints a thousand words.

The Princess, finally in action!

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

While sitting having breakfast:

Balqis: Mom .... when am I going to be 6 years old? Long or not?
Me: Quite long ...
Balqis: When I'm 6 years old, are you still going to call me Balqis?
Me: Yes .. You are going to use that name forever
Balqis: Forever??!!!
Me: What do you want your name to be when you are 6 years old?
Balqis: (Deep thinking ... finally a smile broke) Bubble ... How about Balqis Bubble Putry?
Me: Nope I dont think so
Balqis: Sigh ....

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Highlights of the week and it's not even mid-week:

Highlight #1:
Teacher Mrs. Law, the school principal told me: 'Balqis said that she cannot do her homework because you said you are too tired to help her with her school work.' So last night, I made sure (almost to the point of forcing) that Balqis did 3/4 of her school work and made her remember to explain to the teacher that ".... Mommy did not say that but Balqis were too tired to do the homework and so just to make the story more alive told teacher that Mommy said that!"

Highlight #2:
In the car.
Balqis said: "Mom, can I change my name?"
Me: "Why?"
Balqis: "I dont like my name anymore."
Me: "What do you want your name to be?"
Balqis: (After thinking ...) "I think I want to be called Sofea. I like that name. Sofea.."
Me: .... sigh ....

Highlight #3:
In the car. On the way to her classical malay dance class.
Balqis: "Mom, when u grow old, u can stay in the house only. I can go get you things."
Me: "Oh ... thank you Balqis. But I can follow you too, you know."
Balqis was very puzzled and I was even more puzzled by her being puzzled ...
Balqis: "Mommm .... HOW.... I'll be on my bicycle!"
Me: "Oh? You should have a car when you grow up."
Balqis: "But I dont know how to drive a car."
Me: "Then you learnlah ...Just like me, I know how to drive because I learn .."
Balqis: "Nenek know how to drive meh?"
Me: "No ..."
Balqis: "So?" ..... (shook her head and looked at me like I'm real queer)

Am I missing something here?

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

One very early windy morning, we arrived back home from the station and Adam got out of the car and he didnt want to walk on his own. Wanted to be carried. So I scooped him up in my arms and walked leisurely. Adam was not too happy.

Adam: Maaa ..... cepat jalan ... faster lah ..
Me: Why, Adam? School starts 8.30am.
Adam: You see the wind ...
Me: Yes .... we have a lot of wind this morning
Adam: Walk faster ... Nanti Adam fly away ...

The darling was scared that he might be swept up and blown away with the wind!

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Balqis's Masterpiece - 1

Balqis's Masterpiece - 2

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Something that Oprah Winfrey said that struck my mind:

It's every moms' dream to have someone take care of her sometimes!

Now, that's deep.

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Chose his own t-shirt and pants, socks and shoes. Smiled all the way from home to school. I managed to change the shooting schedule so, Balqis, Adam and me were at the school orientation in the morning. So, Adam sat at the edge of his baby chair in the car, anticipating the excitement at school. Sent him to the classroom and I sat outside it, not wanting to be in the way. You see my kids behaved very differently when I'm around compared to when I'm not around. Trouble seemed to brew more when I am around.

Balqis sat next to Adam showing him how to color, paste and do some craft thing. Adam had on a perpetual smile, dimple and all.

More kids arrived. I peered at them. Doing good. Thought I'd go to the other class to sit around visiting with the other parents. Just then, Balqis came pouncing on me requesting to play the computers. There were tears and begging and finally the big cry. Adam was bewildered. Her teacher Miss Han came to see what was going on and took her hands and into the computer room. All the new kids gathered behind Balqis as Balqis took on the mouse, wiping her tears.

The principal, Mrs. Law came out to see the small commotion thinking, it would have to be one of the new kids. Well, Balqis always have us fooled because she's just full of it all. Mrs. Law went in to look at Balqis. She looked up to Mrs. Law, gave her a big smile. No more tears. The last episode dissolved. Forever an enigma.

As for Adam, he didnt want to go home after that. But somehow, he suddenly remembered his milk and wanted his bottle. That was the cue I've been waiting for. Scooped him up in my arms, brought him to the car, sat him at the chair and drove off with a small trail of crying that could be heard until the school gate. Someone found out that Adam and I had left the building.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Adam's finally going to school. Balqis said it's the baby class. It's orientation Thursday and Friday but I've got shootings the whole day Thursday so we're only able to make it Friday. Cant wait! He'll be so cute in his school uniform. I think he cant wait either!

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Place: Sitting room, right infront of the TV
Scene: Balqis & Adam watching Bear in the Big Blue House, eating chocolate fudge

Balqis: Mom!! Mom!! Quick... get me the tissue.
Me: (running) .. why ... (thinking that it might be her flu or worst, another nose
Balqis: I want to wipe my hands, it's dirty ... (it's full of chocolate fudge)...
I dont like dirty things you know ....
Me: Why cant you get it yourself? What if I wasnt around?
Balqis: Oh ... it's okay. I can wipe it on my shirt.

I rest my case.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Scene: In the car, driving home from school
Mood: Pensive, thoughtfull

Balqis: Maa, Daddy still at work?
Me: Yes Baby
Balqis: Are we going to get him from work?
Me: No, we're going home
Balqis: Oh ... he coming back on his own?
Me: Yes
Balqis: Will he come back late ... night time?
Me: Yes
Balqis: ..... he coming back after I sleep?
Me: Yes
Balqis: GOOD! Then I can watch my cartoon until I sleep!

U can never predict what goes on inside those heads ..... Dont even guess ... Chances are u'll get it wrong.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

It made its first appearance on our doorstep on Saturday, very early morning. It caught the attention of Balqis first because she was already fully dressed and eating breakfast. Adam woke up, looked around and gave a crow to show that it is already morning. He noticed it and chased it out of the door with him running very close at its heels ...

According to a very reliable source (my darling husband), it took a nap on Adam's tummy Sunday afternoon. We don’t know who it belonged to but it seemed to have adopted Adam as its part-time owner. Balqis was later, an added perk.

This morning both Balqis & Adam insisted that it should ride in the car with us to the babysitter and Balqis to her school. Adam of course had ulterior motives. He wanted it with him at the babysitter's. He cried and pulled and struggled to get it out of the car. The poor thing with it's front feet dangling out of Adam's hands while Adam pulled it by the other feet with Balqis doing her best to keep it inside the car, holding on to both its two back feet. This went on for awhile with me trying to pacify Adam, Balqis and why not, the poor animal too. It had on a confused panicky look as this went on. Adam sweating profusely then had white cream-ish fur from head to toe – most of which were stucked on the sweat. He let out a loud howl of frustration, attracting passers by to this little commotion.

Finally, we managed to pry Adam away with him full of fur and sobbing. It broke my heart but I can’t have it with him at the babysitter’s. I am not even sure whether there will be any poor soul searching for it.

On the way back, I told Balqis that it will be the last time we are taking a stranger into our car. She was not happy with the decision and pouted.

On the way to her school, I thought I smelled something alien. I decided to swerve back home to find out. I found three brownish stools sitting on the car mat and I fumed. Showed Balqis and asked her to clean it, just to see her reaction. She had an icky-eerie-alarmed kinda look and I cleaned it for her to see and to understand that was exactly what I didn’t want in my car.

Sent her to school right after that. At the school gate, she came close to me and took my hand and said, in the littlest voice, “Sorry mama … I wont have cat in your car again”.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Adam @ Hilton KL Sentral

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Adam was ultra naughty on Tuesday night and received a few tight spanking from me. And me of course, I feel terrible about it and Wednesday morning decided to spent some time with him. It ended up with spending the whole day with him, with me shifting all my appointments to today. He decided that he wanted to be with me the whole of yesterday. So, he played with me, watched his cartoon with me, ate breakfast with me and read books with me the whole day. Later in the late afternoon, I took him for a hair cut and a ride to my darling husband's office. Adam was excited but was very quiet when the barber cut his hair. He knew he had to be quiet and he sat very still. He amused himself by looking at himself in the mirror and making faces. Today, he is off to the babysitter.

Balqis as usual, is back to school to the holiday program until 3rd December. I havent figure out what to do with her after that. Looks like today is a nice sunny day. I doubt it will last until tonight. But I'm pretty pleased that it's not as gloomy as yesterday.

Now, I've a back-to-back kind of appointments today. Still havent decided what to wear and no time to wash my hair. Will just drop by at the hair dresser later and wear something cozy and warm. It might be raining again soon.

In the meantime, I'm thinking cardigan set, denim embroidered shirt. Or perhaps a shirt? Cant make up my mind. Major decision.

It's a wonderful day.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Despite people dropping in with their emails or their yahoo messenger complaining about this blog that's without anything new to read, I still wasnt able to update it until this morning. Balqis and Adam have, for two days in a row, been waking up at 7am. Balqis has been going to school by 7.30am and Adam to the babysitter by 7.40am. This means I am able to start work as early as 8am. I've been having this sore throat ever since we came back from Seberang Jaya for our Hari Raya. The kids got it much earlier.... just prior to our return from Seberang Jaya. It's just too hot over there and not taking enough fluid always does the trick.

It's all very clear in Balqis' mind now that the ones living in Seberang Jaya (Atok & Nani) are actually Daddy's daddy and mommy. Although she was very suprised at this revelations a few years ago and didnt think much of it or the information was just too much too ponder on, she now understands that we like her, have mommies and daddies.

I'm not sure and havent had the opportunity to ask her about her uncles and aunties. She recognised them as part of the festive, the gathering and the meetings. Does she know that like her, her mom and dad also has brothers and sisters, have not been explored. She could have figured it out on her own but she didnt say. And I am not sure whether she remembers me explaining to her the relationship or whether she took it seriously because she didnt comment. At one point, quite some time ago, she did raise an eyebrow when I pointed out ..."You know Balqis, Aunty Ani is your daddy's big sister".

Adam of course, has too much on his mind to even bother about all this. He recognises Atok and Nani. He doesnt care where all these other kids come from as long as he could play with them, every day from morning to night. He cares more about making a big mess with everything to be bothered with anything else and Adam is not easily bothered unless provoked. Whatever it is I cant wait for Adam to go to school this January. It'll just be so much fun for him. I cant wait to see him in his school uniform, school shoes, carrying a batman bag on his back, bringing back art work to show mommy ... although I can imagine Adam's art work which would be very abstract.

One cant tell that those black streaks of thick lines and small random sized group of non-well rounded circles are actually, cats. But there's this confidence in him when he puts up his abstract art to announce to us what he drew. He dismisses any recognition of bewilderment on our part. Or was that a twinkle in his eyes that I see? For all you know, he could be thinking ... "suckers ..."

Time check. Time to begin writing the client's newsletter now. Back to deadlines and datelines, whichever comes first.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Balqis's Annual School Show

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Adam woke up this morning with the biggest, sweetest dimpled smile, you almost couldnt see his eyes. It reminds me of these words:

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
and I think to myself what a wonderful world.

He told me that he needed his diaper changed. I did just that. He looked at me and smile again. This is a very good morning for Adam.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
and I think to myself what a wonderful world.

He went out on his own after I put on his shoes to the waiting car with his dad running the engine while waiting for me. No hassle. Got to his car seat and amused himself looking at baby birds flying in and out the nest perched on the palm tree right outside the balcony.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
they're really saying I love you.

He sat there in his baby chair quietly all through out the journey. Once in awhile I hear him chuckle. I asked him what's funny. He said he saw the birds again. He thought it was the same one outside the house, following him. We reached the babysitter's place and away he went. He turned back once and again. Then turn around and ran to me. He wanted to kiss me goodbye. He kissed right smack on the lips and smiled and waved and walked away.

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
they'll learn much more than I'll ever know
and I think to myself what a wonderful world
yes I think to myself what a wonderful world

oh yeah ... isnt it a wonderful world?

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Both Balqis and Adam always argue about which cartoon program to watch. They sometimes are unable to come to terms and normally, Balqis will give in. When Balqis wants Jojo Circus in Playhouse Disney, Adam would disagree. Adam wants Samurai Jack in Cartoon Network and Balqis will let out a long wail screaming her disagreements. This happens all the time especially right after channel cruising. And normally it will be these three choices: Disney Channel, Cartoon Network or Playhouse Disney, at the most. Their favorite I would say would be the Playhouse Disney. Both enjoyed almost all of the programs there except on days where they chose to be very difficult. And of course, as a standard rule, Adam simply disagrees with all of his sister's choices.

I recently read an article about how kids process television that I would like to share:


Television is an important learning tool for children, as well as a primary instrument in their socialization. American children spend an average of 28 hours each week watching television, but not all children interpret what they see in the same manner. At different ages, children watch and understand television in distinct ways, depending on the length of their attention span, the way in which they process information, the amount of mental effort they invest, and their own life experiences, according to Wendy Josephson, Ph.D., a child development expert and author of Television Violence: A Review of the Effects on Children of Different Ages. Following is a brief summary of how children at different stages of physical and mental development understand television.

Babies can pay attention to a television screen for very short periods of time but are easily distracted by toys and other activities. What they experience are displays of light, color and sound. Children in this age group may recognize characters, but are unable to grasp program content.

Children become full-fledged "viewers" around age two-and-a-half. By the time they are three, most children have a favorite program. During this time children are increasingly able to pay attention and extract meaning from what they watch. They are likely to imitate the behaviors they see and hear. They prefer educational programs made for children but also like comedies, game shows and the visual action of cartoons. The patterns of watching television during this stage will probably persist through elementary school.

This audience is beginning to find meaning in content. They can identify "good" and "bad" characters, although "bad" often means scary. Preschoolers are drawn to watching cartoon violence because it is usually accompanied by loud music, a lot of movement and sound effects. Some studies have shown that preschool children, after watching violent cartoons, play more aggressively. At this stage, children are unclear about the difference between reality and fantasy and can identify easily with cartoon or puppet characters.

During these years, the amount of TV children watch drops, because they are spending more hours in school. When they do watch, children are interested less in educational television than in cartoons, situation comedies and action programs. They also tend to watch for relaxation and amusement, and are generally uncritical of content. At this stage, children can understand story plots and interpret them in light of the emotions and motivations of TV characters. They will use stereotypes to classify characters as good or bad if no information about a character's past is given. The effects of media violence in the development of aggression in children is especially critical around the age of eight. Children, particularly boys, tend to identify with unrealistic, aggressive and often violent heroes. (Research indicates that the attraction among boys for these heroes is the power displayed by the characters, not necessarily violence or conformity with sex stereotypes).

By age ten, "real" is more likely to mean "possible in real life." Children will often believe that what they watch on TV is a reflection of real life. When asked who they wanted to be like, eight to ten year olds in one study named unrealistic characters from television much more often than characters whom they knew to be more like real people. Boys often refer to character traits such as "brave, powerful and strong" when describing their heroes For girls, there appears to be a growing recognition that aggression is not appropriate for them, which may account for less interest in viewing violence on television and less likelihood of using aggression in real-life situations. The behavior of girls who watch violent content is often more aggressive than girls who do not watch.

Adolescents watch less television than younger ages, and their tastes change dramatically in the types of programs they do watch. When high-schoolers do watch, they begin to like dramas, including soap operas for girls, sports, and music videos. They continue to like comedies but watch fewer cartoons. This age group is more likely to doubt the reality of television and less likely to identify with television characters. Those young people who continue to identify with TV characters are the ones likely to be more aggressive, especially if they continue to fantasize about aggressive-heroic themes. About 80 percent of adolescents watch horror movies or movies that scare them.

Suggested Citation:
"How Children Process Television," Issue Brief Series. (1997). Studio City, CA: Mediascope Press.
1. Wendy L. Josephson, Ph.D., Television Violence: A Review of the Effects on Children of Different Ages , Canadian Heritage, 1995.
2. Mediascope, National Television Violence Study , 1996.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Warisan Benang Kapas

View more video clips by

For those who like traditional (and I mean a heritage traditional) baju kurung, baju kebaya, baju kedah or even a baju cekak musang (there's apparently baju cekak musang kecil and besar), you can get those at the Warisan Benang Kapas Boutique in Bukit Tunku. I recently visited the gallery and was awed by the beauty of all the creations and I want to share them with you.

Please also meet the owner of Warisan Benang Kapas, Habibah Yaacob whom Balqis always thought of as The Other Queen!

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Balqis cried this morning because I didnt want to let her bring the RM10.00 Little Artist (89 piece art set)to school. (We bought it from one of those people who disturb your lunch to show their wares). In retaliation, she undo her hair that I had neatly tied back with pink ribbons and pink mickey mouse hair clips. She threw them on the floor and wailed. She must have seen my face coz she fled the scene. But after that, although I still stick to my decision, she sobbered down. In the car, I asked her:

Mommy: Do you know why I was angry at you?
Balqis: (in a very small voice) Yes. Coz I took out my nice hair and throw the ribbons....afterwards you have to do again then I'm late to school
Mommy: Why do I scold you?
Balqis: (raised her eyes to look at me) Coz you want me to be good girl

And she forgets the whole thing. Reached school. Teacher came by the car to get her. She went out, turn around and said, "Bye Mommyyyyyy ... I love youuuuu."


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Utusan Malaysia

Oleh Rosmah Dain

BERDISIPLIN, pandai menguruskan masa, tidak putus asa dan bijak mempengaruhi pasaran merupakan ciri-ciri utama yang diperlukan oleh seorang wanita yang ingin memulakan kerjaya mereka dari rumah.

Jika ciri-ciri berkenaan diabaikan, biarpun mempunyai kemahiran, ia bakal membantutkan setiap cita-cita dan usaha yang dilakukan.

Itu petua dan pendapat yang diamalkan oleh Hazlina Puspa Hassan, 39, yang lebih senang bekerja sendiri di rumah sejak awal pembabitan beliau dalam dunia pekerjaan.

Hazlina yang bekerja di rumah menerusi syarikatnya sendiri, Cradle Communications Malaysia, menguruskan hal-hal berkaitan pemasaran, pengiklanan, promosi, kempen, penyusunan penjenamaan, strategi perhubungan awam, sidang akhbar, pembangunan teknologi, internet, penerbit rancangan malaysia @ tv dan sebagainya.

``Sebenarnya ramai golongan ibu yang ingin bekerja dari rumah memandangkan kedudukan mereka yang berdekatan dengan anak-anak, senang mengendalikan rumah tangga, tidak terikat dan boleh memantau perkembangan kendiri.

``Malah, sejak bertahun saya senang bekerja sendiri kerana komitmen yang tinggi dalam hal-hal tugasan memandangkan saya sesuai dengan cara kerja yang pantas dan sukakan cabaran dalam menguruskan kerjaya saya,'' katanya yang suka dengan pekerjaan yang memberikan kepuasan dan imej yang tersendiri.

Memiliki Ijazah dalam bidang Sistem Maklumat Komputer dan Komputer Sains dari Universiti Drake, Amerika Syarikat, wanita ini sebelum ini pernah bertugas di syarikat-syarikat berteknologi tinggi dalam bidang pemasaran, termasuk di Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia.

``Apabila saya bekerja di bawah syarikat-syarikat ini saya dapati tiada yang terlalu mencabar bagi saya, sedangkan saya seorang yang pantas dan sukakan cabaran.

``Saya berhenti kerja dan seterusnya menubuhkan syarikat sendiri,'' kata ibu yang mempunyai sepasang cahaya mata ini.


Sesungguhnya beliau bertuah kerana sebelum memulakan kerja dari rumah, beliau telah mempunyai banyak senarai contact, malah beliau juga seorang ketua atau pemimpin teknologi untuk Asia Tenggara di bawah syarikatnya dari segi strategi pemasaran dan perhubungan tersendiri yang diguna pakai oleh banyak syarikat-syarikat di Asia Pasifik.

Ruang yang digunakan Hazlina Puspa untuk membuat kerja-kerja pejabatnya di rumah

Ruang Pejabat di Rumah

Menyediakan sudut khas yang dijadikan pejabat di rumahnya di Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, beliau turut keluar rumah berjumpa dengan pelanggan yang memerlukan khidmat syarikatnya berbekalkan komputer riba.

Antara syarikat-syarikat besar yang mendapatkan khidmat syarikatnya ialah Hewlet Packard, Storagetek South Asia, People Soft Asia dan banyak lagi.

``Sebelum berumah tangga, saya sebenarnya mempunyai komitmen yang tinggi terhadap kedua-dua ibu bapa saya dari segi penjagaan dan pemeriksaan kesihatan di hospital.

``Apabila bekerja sendiri seperti ini saya rasa lebih senang untuk menguruskan mereka tanpa memerlukan orang menggantikan saya dan sebagainya,'' katanya yang berasal dari Johor Bahru, Johor.

Kini setelah berumah tangga, peluang bekerja sendiri memberikan beliau lebih banyak masa bersama anak-anak, menguruskan rumah tangga dan sebagainya, tambahan pula beliau tidak pernah mengambil pembantu rumah untuk menguruskan rumah tangga.

Anak-anak beliau, Balqis Putry,5,dan Adam Fariz Putra,3 serta suami,Mohd. Hisham, 41, seorang perunding pembangunan perniagaan, turut menjadi pendorong beliau bekerja dari rumah.

Bermula sejak awal pagi, Hazlina akan bangun menyediakan kemudahan anak-anak ke sekolah dan kemudian menghantar anak-anak ke taman asuhan kanak-kanak, sebelum menjemput kembali pada petang hari.

``Bermula 8.30 pagi saya akan menghadap komputer dan bekerja sebagaimana orang-orang lain, memenuhi temujanji bermesyuarat dan sebagainya... bezanya saya berada di rumah.

``Dalam pada itu saya boleh ke sekolah anak-anak, menyaksikan mereka berteater atau persembahan, melakukan penyelidikan yang diperlukan oleh guru-guru sekiranya diperlukan... bebas untuk melakukan apa sahaja berpandukan jadual sendiri tanpa sekatan daripada orang lain,'' katanya.

Beliau juga akan cuba menghasilkan hanya yang terbaik dalam setiap perkhidmatan yang diperlukan oleh para pelanggannya dan tidak terlalu tamak dengan mengambil semua tawaran tetapi akhirnya tidak terdaya untuk melakukannya.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

The other day, I was very angry with Balqis for something and I dont for the life of me remember what it was now. I must have looked really upset because Balqis said ... "Mum .. dont look at me like that. You look like a monster". And I said, "If I am a monster, I will eat you!" She pondered about this for awhile before saying, "Mum, you eat daddy and Adam first okay."

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Our darling Balqis was the flower girl for Her Majesty The Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Fauziah binti Al-Marhum Tengku Abdul Rashid at a fashion show luncheon recently. The fashion show was presented by a friend, Nizam Ambia -- the grand prize winner of the Piala Seri Endon 2004 in the fashion category. We were on our toes in keeping Balqis happy and occupied while waiting for the Royal car to arrive at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton Sentral. With butterflies in our stomachs, me and my darling husband thought of all possible games and interesting chats with her so that she'll not be bored and upset for waiting. The Royal car arrived on time. Balqis was excited. Smiles all over her face. Waited for her turn patiently, just like a princess. Balqis kissed the hand of Her Majesty The Raja Permaisuri Agong and beamed. The flower bouquet was bigger than her so Mommy had to help her present it to Her Majesty. She did a splendid curtsy, smiling all the way. The Queen said "Clever!" and presented Balqis with a gift. Although Balqis was already told of this as part of our preparation for her to understand the sequence of event, she couldnt help but almost jumped with joy. But she did behaved like a princess -- smiled and said Thank You with a grin from ear to ear.

Balqis -- happy.

This was part of the show. Balqis was just excited about this when she saw them at rehearsal and thought that she perhaps have to attend the malay classical dance classes after this. I thought that it is a good idea and is seriously thinking of registering her as soon as I can find time to meet with Dida Mallik the owner of the academy. Oh but the little dancers were adorable!

Balqis wanted her photo to be taken with Uncle Suhaimi and Aunty Eli. I couldnt help but compare and remembered when she did that the last time. There was a picture of her when she was about a year old with a small group of friends including Suhaimi, at a dinner get-together and a birthday surprise for my darling husband at Bangsar Shopping Centre. I believe that it was the sundanese restaurant. She was real little at that time and was seated in the baby chair that whole time we were there.

At this time, notice that the flowers on her head are gone. She has been asking to get out of that baju kurung for that past hour and was on the verge of crankiness.

Balqis also seemed to think that Habibah Yaacob (a friend of mine and the owner of Warisan Benang Kapas Boutique in Bukit Tunku) is another Queen. She wanted to have her picture taken with the other Queen! Habibah's collection was highlighted at lunch time and it managed to get an invitation from the Queen herself, for Habibah to meet her at the Istana! It's all too exciting. When you wear a Habibah's design, that means you are the only one that has that in the world and you are a part of the malay heritage!

Here is Balqis with one of the model!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My poor darling baby went to sleep on her own. I was busy the moment we got home with some crisis the client got themselves into. From then on, the phone seemed to be stuck to my ear with just about 900 phone calls to make and receive.

Today, Balqis' teacher, Mrs. Law told me that Balqis will emcee some parts of her upcoming concert which will be on Oct 2.... so help us GOD.. Balqis' mood swing is unpredictable and are beyond comprehension, thus, everybody is on their toes everytime she took the mic. It could be a big smile and it could also be a big frown. It could also be the 'Take-the-mic-then-push-it-back-to-the-teacher-and-run-off attitude! We will never know and will always be surprised. I cant wait.

Adam managed to disturb me in between phone calls. He just cant take it when I give something or somebody else more attention. But he was pretty mild tonight with no major upheavels. His favorite song nowadays would consist of these words:
'Bangun Pagi, Gosok Gigi, Pergi Sekolah'. He knows the meaning of these words... he just cant pronounce them properly yet. It will be a good experience bringing Adam to school which will be very soon. I'm registering him for the next semester. How exciting .... For both, the future Prime Minister and his mom!

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yesterday, the sun touched my skin. Today, all seemed clear. My babies are beginning to have almost clean supply of oxygen. I am relieved. And so are they. Dont have to wear those masks again which I agree was a nuisance to play in. But they understand. It's either that or bad and prolong cough bouts. Medicine is definitely not going to be welcomed. So masks were the collective decision with both Balqis & Adam. On the second day of the haze, Balqis told me after school, "Mom ... you know ... those are not clouds... those are smoke. We cannot go outside, you know Mom. I stay inside only and teacher close the windows." Good for you, Balqis. And thanks to all the teachers that had to make those days extra exciting indoors.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm really scared. I've been in the haze for the past two days and it was scary. I cant have these kind of air being breathed by my babies. My eyes hurt, my throat hurts and the smell of smoke permeates in the air, filling my nostril and oh my God ... my lungs! But what about my babies? I cant have them breath this smoke. I cant have smoke in their lungs. God, please let the haze go off. Hazel is in the haze.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

The following have been selected to be Conversations Of The Day (August 6, 05):

Conversation No: 1
Time of day: Morning
Venue: In the bathroom. Balqis the 5 year old gonna-be (in October) is in the showers.

Take 1 ....ACTION!
Mommy: Balqis, are you hungry? What would you like to eat?
Balqis: No Mom. I'm already fat. I dont want to eat anymore.

Conversation No: 2
Time of day: Late Afternoon
Venue: In the car.

Take 1 ..... ACTION!
Balqis: Mom, I want to go to London.


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Thursday, August 04, 2005

A friend of mine gave me the following poem entitled 'LISTEN'.
I would like to share it with all of you.


When I ask you to listen to me,
and you start giving me advice
you have not done what I have asked.

When I ask you to listen to me
and you begin to tell me why I shouldnt feel that way,
you are trampling on my feelings.

When I ask you to listen to me
and you feel that you have to do something to solve my problems,
you have failed me, strange as that may seem.

Listen! All I asked, was that you listen;
not talk or do -- just hear me.
And I can do for myself; I am not helpless.
Maybe discouraged and faltering, but not helpless.

When you do something for me that I can and need to do for myself,
you contribute to my fear and weakness.

But when you accept as a simple fact that I do feel
what I feel, no matter how irrational, then I quit
trying to convince you and get about the business of
understanding what's behind this irrational feeling.
And when that's clear, the answers are obvious,
and I dont need advice.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Balqis is a very busy girl nowadays. She has her normal classes in the morning and afternoon each day. Now she also has her musical theatre rehearsals. It's her debut so it has to be good. She plays the crane (a bird the Japanese legends depicts as a symbol of long life)in the ballet segment of the musical. This particular theatre was chosen after a careful & thorough research by Balqis' Mom. I also helped with the art direction of the props. Here is why I chose the story for the school. Please read the story of a girl named Sadako.

(Story is an excerpt from

The Sadako Story

The paper crane has become an international symbol of peace in recent years as a result of it's connection to the story of a young Japanese girl named Sadako Sasaki born in 1943. Sadako was two years old when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. As she grew up, Sadako was a strong, courageous and athletic girl. In 1955, at age 11, while practicing for a big race, she became dizzy and fell to the ground. Sadako was diagnosed with Leukemia, "the atom bomb" disease. Sadako's best friend told her of an old Japanese legend which said that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes would be granted a wish. Sadako hoped that the gods would grant her a wish to get well so that she could run again. She started to work on the paper cranes and completed over 1000 before dying on October 25, 1955 at the age of twelve.

The point is that she never gave up. She continued to make paper cranes until she died. Inspired by her courage and strength, Sadako's friends and classmates put together a book of her letters and published it. They began to dream of building a monument to Sadako and all of the children killed by the atom bomb. Young people all over Japan helped collect money for the project.

In 1958, a statue of Sadako holding a golden crane was unveiled in Hiroshima Peace Park. The children also made a wish which is inscribed at the bottom of the statue and reads:

"This is our cry, This is our prayer, Peace in the world".

Today, people all over the world fold paper cranes and send them to Sadako's monument in Hiroshima.

For your information, there is also a Sadako's statue in Seattle Washington, USA.

But, let's also read the letter Sadako's mother, Fujiko Sasaki wrote after the death of her young daughter:

Letter From Sadako's Mother

Come Back to Me Again, Sadako
A Letter from Sadako's Mother, Fujiko Sasaki

No one is lovelier for a mother than the most miserable child. I have four children and I feel very sorry about Sadako most. Already eight months have passed since Sadako died. She was really a miserable child. When she was born during the war, there was not enough food and she weighed only 2250 grams, but she was fine except when she got pneumonia when my husband was drafted. You may laugh at me if I praise her (Translator's note: it is not Japanese custom to praise your family in front of others;), but she was so considerate and thoughtful that I relied on her. She helped me a lot in every possible way. When I can't go to sleep, I often remember my child who got worn out and died and wish I could hug her to my heart's content only once more. In my dream, Sadako says to me, "Leave it to me, mom" and I wake up calling, "Sadako!"

Then I realize it was a dream and I wonder how she is. For a while, I'm lost in my sad thoughts and join my hands in prayer before the tablet of the deceased.

I remember January 9th last year. She showed me a lymph node behind her ear saying "Mom, I think that my lymphatic glands were swollen a little." I thought it. But when she had a check up at ABCC(Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission) in June, 1954, she was told that she was fine, and she was really vigorous and everyone knew she loved doing exercises.

I once thought, "If she has to suffer like this, she should have died that morning on August 6th" (which was the day the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima), but I now think, "I wish she were alive and could be with me no matter how handicapped she was and how heavy her sickness was."

I remember Sadako like I remember yesterday. What I remember most is the time when she was hospitalized.

It was a rare and fine morning at the ground of Nobori-cho elementary school on February 10th, 1955. I remember vigorous children playing, jumping an elastic string. Sadako was enjoying playing it though I thought, "Sadako! You are sick with an atomic bomb disease called leukemia. Oh, no! Why you?"

My husband and I took her to a hospital though she went to school happily with a bag as usual.

Sadako looked fine without knowing that her doctor said she would die in a few months.

After he told us this, my husband and I cried hard near Sadako, who was sleeping peacefully. We were choked with tears and spent the night thinking, "Oh, we wish something could be done. We wish here was something to save her against this illness of Atomic Bomb disease." I squeezed Sadako's hands thinking "If a medicine which could cure this incurable disease in the world existed in the world, then I'd like to borrow money even if it is ten million yen. Or, if possible, let me die for her..."

But we were so poor that we could barely live. I decided to do my best as a mother and love her as much as possible. But eight months after she has passed away, my heart is still choked with sorrow because I couldn't do anything for her.

I appreciate her doctors' efforts, caring for her day and night. When I heard that she would die soon, I bought silk fabric with a cherry blossom pattern and at night I made her a kimono. When I gave it to Sadako, she kept back her tears and said, "Mom, you did too much for me." I asked her to put it on saying, "Sadako-chan, this is my wish, so please put this on." She wiped her tears and wore it and looked very happy.

She knew we were poor though she didn't say anything. She used to say, "Mom, I'm not a good daughter because you have to spend so much money for my sickness..." I'm sure sure she had many things she wanted to buy as a teenager such as new clothes, but she didn't say anything to me and kept it to herself because she knew we were poor.

I coundn't stop my tears when I saw Sadako wearing the kimono because she looked so nice. She watched me saying, "Why do you shed tears? You did too much for me..." We had a dream to buy kimono for her after the war because she had helped me so much. Our dream was realized finally.

One of her classmates, Miss Chizuko Hamamoto, wrote her reminiscence of Sadako as follows;

Sadako looked more beautiful in her kimono because her swollen lymph nodes made her appear as if she gained weight. She wore her beautiful kimono with cherry blossom patterns today. When I said, "You look nicer with Kimono than a dress, Miss Sasaki," she said, "Is that so? Isn't it nice?" But she looked sad. I don't know how Sadako felt about her friend's words, but the kimono became a keepsake.

She believed in a saying that if you fold a thousand cranes, you'd get over your sickness. She folded paper cranes carefully, one by one using a piece of paper of advertisement, medicine and wrapping. Her eyes were shining while she was folding the cranes, showing she wanted to survive by all means.

When my husband and I went to see her, she said, "Dad, I've folded just four hundred paper cranes." He was considerate to her, keeping back his tears.

"How hard her fate is, though she wants to live so much! How pitiful she is though she wants to live so much! Sadako, I want to do something for you by all means," I thought, but there was nothing I could do and I thought tenderly of her.

Looking at the folded cranes which Sadako made innocently on her bed, I almost cried my heart out thinking of Sadako's feelings. I wondered why she was born.

I gave folded cranes that she made sincerely to her classmates and put the rest of them in her coffin as well as flowers so that she could bring them to the next world.

Why didn't you thousand cranes sing? Why didn't they fly?

Sadako, please forgive me. How hard and uncomfortable it was every day. I wonder if you live in comfort in the heaven.

Her classmates, the members of Association of Kokeshi, come every 25th, and are kind to us.

I cried reading letters of reminiscence of Sadako which will be published in a book the other day. I really respect children for their strong love and wish for peace because they made a plan to create a Statue of an Atomic Bomb Child with Sadako's death as a start.

Sadako! The peace you wished for will be realized in the form of a statue of An Atomic Bomb Child, with the help of your classmates such as Masako and Chou as well as children from Hokkaidou in the north to Kyushu in the south.

The statue of An Atomic Child will be built as the symbol of peace on the lawn near Atomic Bomb Memorial Tower in Nakajima where Sada-chan went with father!

Sadako! Listen! Can you hear your friends' strong voices for peace? As the mother of a child who passed away when she was only twelve and a half years old, I'd like to appeal to mothers not only in Japan but all over the world that I don't want such a horrible thing to happen again. So many children are looking for peace.

P.S. The letters are from Record of Atomic Bombs in Japan by Seishi Toyota. (Published by Nihon Tosho Center in 1991)

Now, that's why I chose the story for Balqis and for her school to play and perform at the Musical Theatre competition.

For your information, the kids made the paper cranes to show at the theatre too. We have plans to further present it to the Japanese Embassy where the kids can sing the Sadako Song to the ambassador before presenting the paper cranes as a contribution towards peace.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

One warm Saturday afternoon right after Adam succumbed to his usual afternoon nap, I continued on reading right by his side. Unfortunately, I fell asleep while giving Adam company during his nap. It probably lasted about 10 minutes or so. I was awakened because the temperature suddenly seemed to have been multiplied. I saw that somebody had actually place a blanket over me. Just as I was about to protest, I saw the culprit coming towards me, a teddy bear in hand. I pretended to continue on sleeping. She placed the teddy bear on my arms. Adjusted it several times and positioned it a few times before finally getting really satisfied with the bear. She saw that the blanket is no longer at it's place thus she adjusted that too. The blanket was placed way up high right up to my chin. She cleared my hair off of my face, making sure that all of Mom's hair is in place while ensuring that Mom is comfortable. She planted several kisses -- on my cheeks, forehead and nose. Again, not satisfied with Mom's hair, she brushed off my hair with her fingers to put it back in place.

I continued on the charade until she left. I continued on reading with the blanket off of me. Whew.... Alamak ... she came back in .. heard her sighing and saw her lips in a thin straight line... while she shook her head and adjusted my blanket, again.

The third time she came back into the room checking on me, I didnt pretend. Upon seeing that I was finally up, she smiled and told me that she was the one that'd placed the teddy bear by my side (Mom probably didnt even know might be the rational to the explanation).

Later that day I asked her why she'd placed the blanket and teddy bear for me. She replied ,'Oh ... I saw it on TV the other day. Somebody did that to her Mommy so I do to you lahh ..' Then a few hours later, changed her mind ... 'No lah .. coz you always do that to me ...' But much later on the very same day, she told me ...'Maaa... I love you lah .. that's why I give you the bear and put blanket.'

I rest my case.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Yesterday, in the morning, Balqis received three spanks from me. The saddest eyes, hands outstretched requesting to be hugged and big fat tears were the result. Every morning there is a need to be difficult to shower and change to go to school. It was done always on purpose always resulting in arriving at the school between 30 - 45 minutes late. These actually has been so for the past at least one year. If everything is ok at home then at the school gate it will not be. The princess will grab my legs trying to hold on to me as long as possible, my legs, my hands, my fingers are the common target. Adam will just wait patiently in the car, in his car seat, looking at all these antics. No signs of any emotions registering on his handsome face.

So, the morning Balqis received three spankings from me is the day she remembered. I hope she does. Today she was splendid. With no arguments, kickings or tears, she walked to the bathroom for her showers. Allow me to dress her fuss-less, do up her hair without any problems, socks, shoes - everything was okay, no head hanging with mouth pouted as rounded as it could get ..... everything was fantastic. Reached the school, she turn around and said,"Goodbye Mommy. See you later."

So three spankings was good. The result was marvelous. Although I hate having to do that and thought about her sad face the whole of that day, I think it was a much needed spanking to begin with. But her face.... and her tears and her sobbings in between her small little apologies will be remembered.

Bringing up child. Bringing up Mom!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A few weeks back, in May, I had to spend 4 days away from home, for the first time in almost 5 years, managing a client's media get-away in Port Dickson. My darling husband of course, had to take over all of my job specifications at home. Just for that, he decided to take leave from work. Fancy that.

Tonight, I asked Balqis about how she felt while I was away.

Me: Balqis, do you remember when I didnt sleep at home and Mommy work far away?
Balqis: Yes ... just like Daddy (my darling husband is the jet-setter of the household not me)
Me: Did you miss me?
Balqis: uummm ... let me think ....
Me: huh?
Balqis: Yes I love you ...

I rest my case! Answer a question with a better answer.
What do we have here .... somebody in the making ...

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

I cant stand her jumping around anymore ... thus I said:
"Balqis, please dont jump around. You are not feeling very well."
"Why cant you just sit down and watch your cartoon?"

She sat down.

After awhile, I said, "Balqis, please hand me your water bottle."

The Future Prime Minister of Malaysia's Big Sister replied :
"I cant. I'm not feeling very well. I must sit down."

Me? Oh ... I'm just the Mommy.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

At 5am this morning, I touched Balqis (a mother's instinct) and she was hot. Gave her panadol syrup and stayed home the whole day today looking after her. Whenever she decided not to listen to me, I will tell her that she does not listen to me because she doesnt love me. And that statement will change the entire scenario almost immediately. She will not necessarily do the things asked but she will answer back 'I love you ... but I dont want to do'. I will say 'That means you dont love me because you dont want to do what I say.' She will, normally, in a very authoritative voice, cuts the conversation short with 'I love youlah ....' And that's the end of the conversation.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Come June, my Adam will be 2 years 6 months old! How time flies.... and of course, he is now every single thing that signifies the terrible two syndrome. His favorite past time now is throwing things into the toilet bowl and flushing it down. Of course some of the stuff he tried to flush in will not be able to be flushed down.... for example, his sister's Barbie Ballerina Doll, the box of tissues, a ball, a photo frame and oh ... paper clips too. I am just not fast enough for him. Everytime he does it, he will look at me and grin, the most mischievous look all over his face.

Balqis will never be able to complete her wood block castle that she normally will painstakingly arrange, decorate and innovate. Adam will, with a single swish of the hands or sometimes the legs (they can be handy too)... down comes the much thought out castle. Great architecture came crashing down on the floor. With that, you can tell -- It's not going to be a quiet and peaceful weekend unless they nap. My darling husband's favorite passion becomes putting them to nap only because he wants a quiet and peaceful weekend. But of course, you know that not of all your dreams will come true and this particular one will be it. They'll stall nap time as long as they can. They outwit you and outsmart you pretty much, majority of the times. And let me tell you, you will never win!

Balqis loves coloring and drawing. The trouble always comes when she holds up her creations to announce it to the rest of the world who cares to compliment and admire her work of art. That act, will of course attract the attention of a certain individual, the would be Mr. Prime Minister of Malaysia, Adam. With a single bound and strike, the art crumbles and he tossed it as far as he can with a beam that radiates his whole face. You may also catch him singing slowly under his breath after this rapture. Balqis would be devastated and inconsolable which will result in her asking for her milk and her drifting to sleep as a solace to herself.

Sometimes, I offer no action or reaction to these episodes only because I just simply dont know how to manage it. But there will be times when I just sat there and wonder ... Adam, what is it that I ate or didnt eat?

But of course, Adam remains the handsome boy with big round alert eyes, whom Dr. Norliza, our family GP has announced to not have any candies, sugary food, chocolates and the likes until further notice. She insisted that I warned the babysitter not to do otherwise and against this order. What brought upon this is of course Adam being very active. Apart from having to wait for Adam to complete his rounds at the clinic, switching on and off the fax machine, running the water at the sinks, jumping non-stop, tried moving her posters in numerous occasions and the list goes on ... Adam also once slammed the door to her office causing a minor tremor to her office wall. He is pretty famous at the clinic. All the nurses know him by name - all shifts.

When he sleeps, he looks like an angel. But then again, what else could he possibly be, but my very own angel.

Mr. Prime Minister, over to you...

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Last Thursday started very early for all of us and that includes Adam too. I woke up to a very irritating alarm but to which I'd no choice but succumbed. I was ready by 6am and my darling husband started the car engine. Adam awoke in the process of transferring him from his deep slumber into the car seat, leaving behind a warm, cosy comforter. The poor baby. I caught the 6.15am LRT to KL Sentral to catch the earliest ERL to KLIA. With a 7.25am flight to catch and in mind, I could have shoved the driver of the LRT aside and drove all the way, if it had one. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to wait, fidget and frown in my seat in the LRT as it stopped at each station and waited for minutes before it went off to the next and the next and the next stations. It chose to stop and wait at each stations. My friend called from KLIA at 6.30am and asked me were I was. In the train. I decided not to tell her that I was still in the first train. I detected a sigh of relief in her voice while I continued on drumming my fingernails waiting for the endless ride.

I finally got out at Sentral if I am not mistaken close to 6.45am. Got to the wrong side of the building to get the ticket for an ERL ride. Walked as fast as I could to the other end to the correct place to get the ticket and to board on the ERL. Darn that KTM officer who showed me the wrong side of the building to get the ERL ticket from. Just as I reached the platform, I saw everybody running right ahead of me. The perfect time to panic. I decided to join the crowd. I ran and hopped onto the train slightly before it closed the doors. Sat myself and waited for the train to take me to KLIA. 28 minutes it said in the brochure, the website, the everything else about it. It'd better be.

My friend has been frantically trying to get hold of me. Of course, I only knew about this when I finally arrived KLIA. My phone was on discreet, I didnt hear it buzzing. I finally arrived at 7.23am, 2 minutes away from the flight. Just as I stepped out of the ERL, noticed that I had at least 8 missed calls, ran to the departure hall while speaking to May, my friend. May had left my boarding pass with the security guard so that she could run ahead and asked for another favor from the gate keepers to wait for me. But then of course, arguing with all the 3 women officers before being saved by a nice security gentleman was another story.

I approached the 3 women security officers and one of them asked me before I could opened my mouth.... Hazlina? I almost grabbed it out of her hand... ran all the way to the escalator while listening to the announcements of my full name as per the identification card! I ran and ran. Saw the As and the Bs gates looming. I managed a quick prayer before glancing at the boarding pass... B7. Okay ... here we go! 237 miles per hour in the morning but it was all worth it as I managed to run into the waiting craft with all of the business class full and waiting! I, of course walked passed them, their glaring eyes and rich suits pased the curtain and sat my self in my seat. Tired. They closed the door.

By the time I reached Kuala Lumpur later that night, I could hardly raise my eye lids and almost dozzed off standing in the LRT back from Sentral to Wangsa Maju. I made it back all in one piece but not one peace in mind. Mind was working overtime over the meetings during the day in Johor Bahru and body is just too tired to respond. Quick cleaning up and off I went to dreamland. Fatigue is a very mild word to describe my state.

Now, back to buffing my nails.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Everybody complains nowadays and that includes Adam. He complains every night about the choice of pajamas Mommy chose. He will look at the pair I placed on the bed, picked it up and hold it up to observe. He usually does this with his head cocked to the side. The decision normally comes in a split second. Either it goes down on the floor accompanied by his screaming, which is normally followed with him turning around at the speed of lightning running towards his pajama box (I placed all his pajamas in a special box for him) or a big wide smile, a good sign of approval. Disapprove means, he will rummage the whole box to find the ones that he wants. Pajamas with Spiderman, Batman, Superman or The Incredibles motives are very much preferred. He doesn't know about The Incredibles but they look like superheroes to him. From the pictures they look like they fly, they've got capes so they must be the likes of Spiderman, Batman or Superman. Thus Mommy's task now is to stock up on those to avoid any unnecessary argument after the daily routine of evening showers.

Balqis always looked amused when this happen. She tried at one occasion to join in the Let's-be-difficult-and-choosy-about-pajamas attitude. She observed the much-loved Cinderella Disney with the frilly sleeved sleeping gown that ran just right after her knees that was so... oh ... so pretty Mommy, thank you for getting those for me and said,' But Mommy, how about a Barbie Night gown?' 'Yeah… what about them... you don't have any.' Cry .... 'But, I must have ... I like Barbie you know ...' more sobs. 'Okay .... I'm not going to argue with you right now. I'm tired and I brought back work. 'I need you to sleep early.' Silent. Looked up at me with the saddest pair of eyes and ... sob .... said, 'Okay Mommy. But I like Barbie ...' I stood there wondering -- Who invented the word 'but'? The very next day, in between meetings, I ran into a mall to find a pair. I wonder why I did that. To avoid a confrontation with her when I picked her up after school because her memory is darn good and I know it's not going to be 'Hi Mom.. how was your day' greetings BUT 'Mom ... did you buy me the Barbie gown yet?' or I gave up arguing and want to get on with my life peacefully after evening shower ....

Protest, critize, grumble, whine, carp, find fault, nitpick, nag, make a complaint and object, according to the Thesaurus (US English) states that it is the same as COMPLAIN, expressed in other words.


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